Video & Micro-Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Video has emerged as one of the most profitable and versatile digital marketing tools in the last couple of years. Companies are increasingly relying on video marketing to promote their business. Most businesses perceive video marketing as a crucial ingredient in their overall marketing strategy. However, if you are still circumspect whether you should incorporate video marketing into your content strategy, then give the below-mentioned points a read.


  • Video boosts conversion and enhances sales: Studies suggest that users who watched an explainer micro video were more likely to purchase a product. It hardly comes off as a surprise as vision is undoubtedly our most dominant sense. Therefore, people are more likely to buy if they fully understand your product and service which is possible through video production.


  • Video delivers better ROI: When used in the right manner, video can bring you a greater return on your investment than all other digital marketing tools combined. Although video production can require a substantial amount of money, the return you would get through it can be many times your investment. Also, the content of your video matters just as much as its quality.


  • Video builds trust: Content marketing is all about building trust and forging lifelong relationships. Video marketing allows you to lay back and let the consumers come to you for useful information, instead of you chasing them around. The content churned out through videos can engage your audience and ignite emotions. You can present your products and services in a conversational form through video production. Thus, you can allay the skepticism in your potential clients and allay their fears of being cheated.


Video brings about greater engagement: You can tell a thousand stories through your videos. In today’s fast-paced world, few people have the time to sit about and read lengthy product descriptions. The client wants to see how the product works. Through video marketing, you can target a wide audience with minimum effort. Thus, videos also give you a competitive edge.

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