What Makes the Perfect Landing Page

The more words and clutter that are on a landing page the less likely the page is to convert. If you are looking to make a sale always use a specialized landing page & be clear what you want people to do.


6 Landing Page Rules for Success:


Communicate Effectively

What is the problem you are trying to address and how do you solve this problem for your customer. This is your headline. Explaining clearly how the product remedies this pain point is a great way to start.

Use Space

Starting with a Photo or Video means conversion rates will skyrocket! You have only a few seconds in which to capture your next potential customers attention. Follow this with a clear headline of benefits and the product or service in use. Having reviews, blog articles and testimonials from previous clients builds even more trust on your site. Remember your ABC’s (Always Be Selling) and make sure to have a call to action in the first half of the page.

Make Choices for Your Users

People may think they want more choice, but choice can also be confusing. Don’t let your customer suffer from decision paralysis, 1-3 options are best with clear instructions on how to purchase the product or service.

Rich Interactive Design

Want your bounce rate to be lower and customers to stay longer on your site? Then bring enjoyment to your customers and create a journey on your site with interactive elements, creative page flow and visually stimulating design.

Why… Because That’s Why

Websites that utilize the word “BECAUSE” convert 11 times higher than sites without. Consumers want to know WHY, so give them a reason to buy from you.

Avoid Drop Down Menus

If you want to disappoint customers as well as Google then think twice about using those pesky drop down menus. Not only do they function poorly on mobile optimised sites, but they create some additional problems. It is difficult for search engines to crawl drop down menus thus effecting your SEO scores, users also get confused when moving to a menu bar and they suddenly receive too many options (remember what we discussed earlier – make people’s decisions for them).

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