Top 5 Signs That Prove You Need Experts To Run Your Accounts

Many South Africans want professional-looking pages across social media but are mostly unwilling to put their brand in the hands of others – even if they are experts. We all believe we know what is best for our brand and that we know exactly what we are doing across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, this is not always the case.

Here are 5 signs that it is time to bite the bullet and find a social media expert.

Let’s start with a fairly obvious one. You have invested a lot of time into your social media, you’ve spent some money on paid ads across a couple of the platforms and you’ve done your best to reach out to your target audience, but at the end of the day, your goals are not being met. All the time and money you have spent on your social media has been fruitless. Here is where you need a pro to assess and make the necessary adjustments to your strategy.

You struggle to reply to messages quickly. Social media is a fast-paced world and many of the users expect quick, timely answers. They don’t want to have to wait a day for a reply, they expect one in just a few hours. If you can’t respond to your clients as quickly as possible, a community manager is needed to constantly monitor your platforms and be there for when customers need answers.

Content is key when it comes to the popularity of a page. If content creation isn’t your strong suit, or you struggle to find enough images to post regularly, an expert is most definitely needed. Most are trained in content creation and can do so with efficiency – making sure your page’s followers always has something new to engage with.

Due to the landscape of social media and the internet in general – trends can come and go within a week, or even just a few days. As if the trends aren’t tough enough to manage, the platforms we use are constantly being changed and adjusted too. If you cannot keep up with these rapid developments, it is best to hire a professional who is keen on keeping up-to-date with these factors and one who has an expert level understanding of social media.

Social media management is a full-time occupation. This isn’t something you can quickly do after work or during your lunch break. Users need to be constantly entertained and they only want to follow or like active accounts. If you’re only posting a couple of times a week at random times, you’ll find it difficult to keep your audience interested. Rather find someone who is dedicated to their craft that is social media.

These are 5 signs, but there are many more. Having a team of professional’s monitoring, creating and responding on your account’s is not only an investment for your company but will influence how the general consumer perceives your brand.

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