What is a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a business responsible for providing strategic direction, creative design and technical development for screen-based products and services. Some digital agencies bring graphic design and copywriting together with technology and modern marketing techniques. By putting together a creative mix of artistry, science, engineering, and passion to deliver profitable solutions in a very fast-paced industry.

Who are the people that make up a digital agency? What are their positions?

There are a number of positions that make up a digital agency, the positions filled within the company will also be determined on the size of the agency. The bigger and more profitable the agency is, the more roles it will need to be filled in order for it to function to its full capacity. A digital agency must have the following roles:

• Designers
• Production managers
• Art directors
• Web designers
• Creative directors
• Content writers
• Social media manager/s
• Web developers

The 5 signs that prove your business needs a digital agency

• Your business needs a fresh perspective – By hiring a digital agency you give your business the opportunity for a fresh perspective and new innovative ideas.
• Poor sales performance – A decline in sales could be a result of poor marketing and a digital agency can assist buy increasing brand awareness and align your marketing efforts with your sales objectives.
• Outdated website – Trends change at a rapid pace in the digital world by hiring a reputable digital agency that can create a website that excites your customers and ensures your customers are engaging with your business.
• You’re losing money – A good digital agency would know how to reduce wasteful spending and optimize your ad campaigns and user experiences.
• You are struggling to create a brand identity – A good agency will ensure that your brand stands out making it more appealing to prospect clients and your mission and objectives are clear and in line with the business strategy.

What questions you must ask a digital agency?

Hiring a digital agency is a massive task for any business because you are going to spend capital and you need to hire an agency that will help your business succeed.

– What are the core capabilities of your agency? Where do you shine?
– How do you measure results?
– How would we interface with your agency? Describe a typical account team.
– How is your pricing structured?
– What is the size and scope of a typical marketing engagement?
– What marketing and sales technology certifications do you have?
– How long will it take to see results?

How a Digital Agency will measure the ROI for business?

ROI refers to the amount of money you generate after making an investment in something. A digital agency will measure ROI by calculating market spend, choosing channels for market spend, comparing your marketing efficiency with your competitors’.

It makes sense to work with a digital marketing agency in this current day and age. With the constant need for innovation in this ever-changing digital landscape, they’ll work with your company to improve efficiency, productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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