Adapt or Die – Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic.

The world of marketing requires the fast-paced reaction and constant adaption of strategies to the ever-changing needs of consumers. This has never been more relevant in overcoming the unprecedented challenges triggered by the current market climate, as the Coronavirus impacts upon consumer mobility, habits and consumption patterns. In this dynamic situation companies need to plan their next marketing moves carefully, adapting their traditional strategies to capture the market in these uncertain times.


Embrace the digital world 

The first step to surviving the lockdown is to build a digital presence for your company – ensuring that if you can’t be found in the physical world, your business is front and centre in the virtual one. Building relationships and connections with new customers can be difficult when they can’t physically interact with you, thus virtual tools to build awareness such as your website or social media and to communicate such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype need to be accessed to last through the physical connection drought. By having engaging social media platforms and a relevant website, a business can not only become easier to access but also become an important source of information for consumers – increasing loyalty to the brand. Your online presence should reflect who your business is, enticing customers to buy your products through virtual platforms at their own leisure.


Shift methods to drive online sales

While children can’t go to school or out to play and everyday people find ways to adapt to work from home – the importance of the virtual, is ever more significant. As consumers are confined to their homes, unable to maintain daily routines of interacting with the outside world – driving online sales has never been more relevant. Marketing tactics should take advantage of increased online activity, driving sales digitally to compensate for the loss of in-store traffic.

Billboards, roadside ads, and in-store marketing are all good and well but inapt when consumers can’t leave their homes to be influenced by them. Therefore, businesses should repurpose traditional marketing budgets to be spent pushing digital media. When driving online traffic and sales, ads should always have a call to action to encourage consumers to visit your website or take note of the brand. Copy on these ads should be honest, relevant and represent the tone of your business – building awareness that will outlast the confines of the COVID-19 pandemic. If your business offers an intangible product, get creative to find ways to boost awareness and sales while consumers are unable to make use of your services in the traditional manner.   


Innovate from tangible to intangible 

Quarantine and lockdown measures can keep people physically healthy, although has different impacts on mental health. Services such as art classes, fitness programs, and evening cocktail bars made life exciting and enjoyable – leaving a gap in the market now that those services can no longer be consumed. Now more than ever, these intangible services need to innovate the customer experience to virtual platforms, transcending the physical to stimulate consumer loyalty and even love. Take your service online, do live stream classes to interact with consumers or build your social media sites with relevant content such as blogs or high quality images to stimulate lust. While consumers are in isolation, this is the time for businesses to build morale and communicate with consumers. Communities are pulling together more than ever to help out the underdog – so rise to the challenge, get creative and offer them a refreshing service that can be consumed and enjoyed from the comfort of their living rooms. 

Now is the time to alter thinking to capture the attention and hearts of consumers who are scared of what’s to come due to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is fast adapting and businesses that can’t innovate to meet the new challenges head face the threat of fading into obscurity

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