The barbershop is a thing of the past, especially once you’ve experienced Morgan Price’s 7Sins hair studio. He took the cookie-cutter barbershop mentality and smashed it into seven sin-filled pieces.



Morgan, a creative himself, got tired of being in spaces that screamed: “generic hair lives here”. So he and his partner Seb set out to create a one-of-a-kind hair studio known as 7Sins. And what better suburb than that of eccentric, off-the-wall Greenside to situate a unique studio like theirs. Morgan modelled the space after what he saw the industry, and the world on a whole was missing.  The environment was formed with the sole intention of inspiring all its visitors to start innovating through the language of creativity.

This paired with a distinct minimalistic design moulded the perfect juxtaposition to the modern world, one focused on maximizing the number of meaningless things we buy and keep. When it comes to their price point, Morgan explains how we don’t know what a truly good haircut can do for us. From heightened emotional status and elevated oxytocin levels, a good haircut has the ability to change the course of your day and even your entire month – until it grows out!



But what of work during the COVID-19- lockdown? Barbers and hairstylists are essentially out of work at the moment. Being without income is extremely difficult for anyone, especially small business owners. Price was adamant that although home haircuts were an option, they are against the law and are a blatant disregard to client’s health and safety. So, like most, he is waiting out the lockdown at home until he can resume his business activities and get back to the hustle.



7Sins has been using digital platforms like Instagram and Facebook, using raffles and competitions to create content and remain at the forefront of current and potential client’s minds over the lockdown period. 

As for Morgan himself? He’s been doing a bit of a social media detox. Being bombarded with so much information can be mentally damaging for people, and with more and more screen time over the course of the lockdown, Morgan believes that we have a choice to make regarding how we utilize this time.

To find out more about Morgan’s morning routine during the lockdown and more about 7Sins, watch the Lockdown Lowdown video here

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