Breathe in… breathe out. Sounds relaxing, right? Well, add a variety of poses that challenge your core and every other muscle in your body, now step into a cocoon of glowing light with soothing sounds, all while it’s heated to 37-degrees… This is Hotpod Yoga.

 Hotpod Yoga is a concept that was started in the UK. The idea was to reinvent yoga for the modern world. Hotpod Yoga takes a supercharged angle on the ancient art of meditation through movement. The dials are turned up in this one of a kind yoga class, with immersive sounds and lighting, in an inflatable pod that is heated. This is done to intensify the experience and deepen ones stretches to avoid injury. It’s yoga, just better and way hotter.

The pod is a patented design from the UK that features breathable fabric that allows air to move through the heated studio, keeping the fresh air flowing, while the heat stays in adding a cardiovascular component to the workout.

The first Hotpod Yoga studio opened in Greenside in 2015, and Genna took over the studio from the beginning of 2018 and was able to open up a second studio shortly after in Linden – with the most recent studio being launched in Melrose.



 The road to being a yoga studio owner was not a straightforward one for Genna, who has a strong corporate background. While she had been practising yoga for 15 years with a teaching certificate ticked off her list, she was not out on a mission to open her own studio.

However, life sometimes provides the answers we aren’t looking for. After moving from a big corporate environment to a private consulting firm, Genna soon met John. Love combined with a newborn baby and declining industry, saw opening a yoga studio to be the answer at the time. Fast forward to 2020 and Genna & John haven’t looked back – unless they’re in “full wheel”.

At her previous studio, Genna was getting a lot of requests for heated yoga, and when she found the Hotpod Yoga franchise, she saw a niche that she was able to open up in South Africa. The interest in heated yoga has continued to grow, and Genna has been able to cement herself as a leader in this style of yoga.



The coronavirus outbreak was something that took many businesses by surprise. Genna and John were quick to keep their fingers on the pulse of how business was changing in the health and wellness industry, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Even before the official lockdown, they had noticed a sharp drop in attendance to classes.

When discussing the broader macroeconomic impact of the pandemic, they realised that it was going to be a major external shock to all businesses in South Africa. 

The wise choice was to close the doors and deflate the pods. For Genna and John, their client’s safety was of utmost importance in the choice to close the studios before the lockdown was announced. 

Now, the focus shifted to delivering the Hotpod Yoga experience from isolation. This is where Genna and John quickly adapted to digital means to give their loyal students the digital dose of Yoga they crave to get their day started. 

 To find out more about Hotpod Yoga and how they’re using their yogi flexibility to adapt to the coronavirus outbreak, visit the Lockdown Lowdown video here

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