If you’re looking to escape the mundane existence of your living room, then hopping on over to Roam Overlanding’s YouTube channel is sure to give you a sense of escapism. Adrian Abrahams is the presenter and creator of the content on Roam Overlanding, creatively documenting his journeys through South Africa’s incredible landscapes.



 Adrian was someone who didn’t ever camp or indulge in the outdoors, This changed when Abrahams’ parents took him on a trip to Scotland, where they explored the lush Scottish countryside. When he returned home, he had a completely new perspective on the outdoors and travelling.

Abrahams was aware that South Africans tended to look to other countries for travel, saying, “our mother country has so much to offer by the way of exploring and adventure.” The Scotland trip inspired him to travel around South Africa, looking to replicate those feelings of wonder that he had experienced on that trip. 

He began by buying a single-cab bakkie and converting it into a comfortable camper van. Adrian then decided to start filming the content of his modifications, and this was when his YouTube channel was born.



 Roam Overlanding produces a variety of content. It is split between adventure content and vlogs about his various trips. The channel also features those all important videos about modifying his much loved Jimny. Much of his content is centered around going through the processes of learning to camp efficiently and at the most comfortable level out in the wilderness for extended periods of time.

You can find content on there about anything, from afternoons out and about, a weekend away, all the way to his two-week immersive trips in the middle of South Africa’s nowhere.

 When asked about why he does what he does, Adrian says, “my whole motivation is not just to make other people happy. This is a dream that I have and that I want to turn into a reality.”



 While Abrahams isn’t doing much exploring right now, he is resolute that the lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity for more interaction with his followers. Abrahams can be seen having 2-hour long live streams, where he engages with and gets to know people around South Africa through digital means. 

He has also made an effort to punt his sponsors as much as possible during this time, as he is aware that many businesses are not earning an income, nor are they investing in marketing. Abrahams’ way of giving back is by using his platform to thank them for all the hard work they have done for him in the past. In his own words, “loyalty is the currency of Coronavirus.”

When asked what he is doing to keep himself busy during the lockdown, Abrahams says that he is using this time to work on smaller projects, focus on the little things, and review the tools that assist him in his adventures. 

His new content will be based around what happens after the lockdown. It is future focused, inspirational and educational, with the hopes that people will be able to leave lockdown with new skills and a new connection to his brand and him as an individual.

It is clear to Adrian that we live in an age where it is easier than ever to create content. Story is king. If you feel like you have something to say and share with people, you should do it! When you create, you’re referencing yourself and it’s a valuable exercise in spirituality. In addition, learning about yourself and other people is a great way of keeping yourself occupied over the remaining lockdown period,

 To hear more about what Adrian has to say about the spirit of adventure and rekindling it in your home, watch the video here.


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