Neospectives is the brainchild of Dineshrie Pillay, a woman dedicated to helping people awaken their inner leader.

 As a chartered accountant and certified business coach, Dineshrie has made it her mission to help leaders and businesses gain new perspectives about themselves and their positions in society. She helps people set goals and shows them what they are capable of achieving by awakening their inner frontrunner.

 Dineshrie says that within everyone is a leader waiting to be awakened. And she goes about stirring up the leader in everyone by first experimenting with her own life. She goes out and does things and uses herself as a role model, a guinea pig for techniques she wants to use on clients.

 She uses a number of digital tools including video training and workshops to consult with clients and help them discover their unrealized potential.

Every day, we enter into contracts. Rental contracts, mortgage repayment contracts and the like. However Pillay says the most important contract one can ever enter into is the one we have with ourselves. The agreement we have with ourselves quite literally shapes our lives and how we choose to live them.

Her belief is that you should commit yourself to certain personal outcomes in order to become a better leader. Because a leader can only lead other ones, they have learnt to lead themselves. She is so passionate about this topic that she actually wrote a book on it!

She has a second book that has just been finished and that covers presentation skills in more detail, which is something else that Neospectives aims to help clients with.



 Dineshrie has always found that a digital sphere is a great way to help people develop soft skills through online conferences and consultations. When asked about adapting to the digital stream in the time of corona, she says that its “phenomenal what a person can do when you’re tied to a corner”, that the lockdown has given new perspective into just how much can be done through a digital avenue.

When the COVID-29 lockdown occurred, she reached out to clients and asked what their challenges were. By utilizing lockdown as a topic of conversation, she was able to find out what was concerning her clients and quickly react to their needs. Within a week she had put up 30 short YouTube videos.

Pillay believes that it is the perfect time to get people to go beyond what they have usually done and challenge their own limiting beliefs. It is an important time for digital applications to become the tools they have always had the means of being.



Dineshrie has a number of interests ranging from her core business to fitness and health. She effectively separates these silos through different social media streams, using LinkedIn for her more professional business-side affairs, and using her Instagram to portray her love for health and fitness. She loves inspiring people to live healthy and encourages her followers and clients to use the opportunity of lockdown to reflect on themselves and make different decisions regarding their lives and lifestyles.

Lockdown allows for more accountability. No excuses of traffic, working long hours, juggling too many things. You are in your own environment and every day you can be accountable as to what you wish to achieve with your own life.



 Pillay believes that the work environment functions much like that of an elastic band – flexible hours and people showing they can work flexibly has stretched the band past the point of it recoiling to what it was before. It cannot go back to normal. Flexible working hours will most likely become more of a norm. People have been forced to look outside of themselves and how they can get ideas out into the world.

To find out more of what Dineshrie’s outlook for the working work post coronavirus entails, visit the Lockdown Lowdown video here.


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