How A Strong Website Can Differentiate You From Your Competitors In A Post-COVID Climate

In 2019, no one could have predicted how different things would look now. Our entrance into the new decade has been rocky, and the global COVID-19 pandemic has led to hardships, restrictions, and a completely new way of living. It has also presented a challenge to businesses, who must figure out how to navigate the rapidly changing media and working landscape. Many businesses, however, took the initiative to increase their online presence and build a strong website. Here’s why having a strong website has become a necessity in the post-COVID climate.


Business is increasingly being conducted online. 

The internet is now often the first place a client will go when they are searching for products and services. Without a strong website, or a high enough result on search engines, your company is unlikely to catch a new customer’s eye. This is especially true now that our physical mobility has been limited by the COVID-19 crisis. Many companies that relied on their physical stores have now gone completely out of business, whereas those who developed a strong presence online have managed to keep themselves afloat, and even come out on top.


Information overload. 

We now live in a high-information environment, where billions of webpages are all vying for our attention. Since the start of the virus, even more businesses have moved their focus online, meaning that your company will have a lot to contend with. When the internet is swamped with competitors, a strong brand image can make all the difference. You’ll need elements such as a memorable name, unique and consistent branding, and a clear purpose, in order to make your company stand out.


Creating a sense of connection. 

Being cooped up is beginning to be the norm in a post-COVID world. With our social interaction more limited than ever before, people are turning to the internet for a sense of connection. For this reason it is now crucial for companies to build a sense of community into their branding, and to show this on their website. People are more likely to sympathise with something that has a feeling of personability, and a strong brand image can display the ‘personality’ of your company. Giving your website a personality can make it stand out from the ‘just business’ pages surrounding it.


Less cost and health risk. 

The stronger your online presence, the less you will have to conduct in person. In the midst of a global health crisis, we have to limit our physical contact as much as possible. This means less in-person meetings and sales pitches, and finding other ways to communicate with potential clients. It is here where a strong online presence can make all the difference. The more convincing your website is, the less you will have to risk yours or your employee’s safety by sending them to meetings. The money you save on transport and physical infrastructure can be funnelled back into improving your website, and making yourself stand out on the search engine front page.


Wider reach. 

Now that online work is becoming the norm, people are looking beyond their national boundaries for products and services. Though COVID-19 may have cut down our physical mobility, it has given us the opportunity to broaden our digital mobility. Customers can now source from all over the world, which opens your business to a global market — but only if you can make your brand stand out. Contending with the rest of the world is tough, which is why a strong website is the minimum requirement for competing in a global market. 


Though the past year has presented many challenges to business owners, it has also opened new channels of communication and commerce. The global COVID-19 crisis has overthrown our old patterns of working and living, which has forced many of us to come up with entirely new ways of going forward. Though times are hard, there are opportunities out there for those willing to take them. For business owners, going online and building a strong website is the first step.

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