Web Design is More Than a Home Page – It’s a Digital Journey

When designing your website it is important to take into account how your users will experience your interface. User journey is an important part of marketing your services and immersing your clients, and it can make all the difference to their engagement with your website.

Web design is not just about making your website look nice, it is an important tool in crafting the user experience. Done correctly, it can be a great way to immerse potential clients in your company values. When designing your website, it is important to ask yourself why a user should stay on or return to your page. This means taking apart and examining the ‘user journey’. 

What exactly do we mean by ‘user journey’? The user journey is the series of steps that your users will take when navigating your website, in order to achieve their goals. This can either involve many steps, or few, but the easier the user journey the more enjoyable their experience will be. The goal of your website is therefore to sculpt a user journey that is understandable and free from friction, and will leave your clients feeling satisfied with the services that you offer.

But how can you create an immersive digital journey for your customers? The first step is to know your audience. User profiling can be used to gain an understanding of who your ideal clients are, and what their goals are on your website. Once you know what they want, you’ll know how to make their journey smoother. Next, you’ll have to evaluate your website to see how easily a user can get from point A to point B, and whether there are any factors complicating the process. This is referred to as ‘user journey mapping’. This will reveal if there are any difficulties in navigating your website, or if the process is less engaging or immersive than you want it to be. In doing so you will not only ensure the easiest route for your users, you will also gain confidence in your website’s ability to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Now that you have thought about your user journey, what else can you do to make your website an immersive user experience?

One way is to make sure that your website has a variety of activities for users to engage with. Videos’ for example, are an easily-measurable way to encourage immersion, and can include videos of consumer testimonials, explanations of the product/service, or the backstories of members of the professional team. Eye-catching graphics are also important for customer immersion, and when used across the website (including in videos and on graphs) can serve to strengthen the overall ‘story’ of your company. You could also feature a timeline of the history of the company – this would add a sense of time to your enterprise, and can show potential clients how they can become part of its storyline. If you can execute these ideas in the right way, it will add to the overall user experience. 

It is important to make your clients feel like they are part of the company process. By using web design, you can build them an immersive digital journey that demonstrates your values, your accomplishments, and what you can offer to them.

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