Why the loading speed of your website matters

Nowadays there is a huge amount of traffic on the internet. Attention is scarce – and scarcity creates value. The challenge with digital marketing is in keeping attention on your page. Your website has a few seconds to convince people to stay. Loading speed plays a much bigger role than you might think. Here are some reasons why.


First impressions

First impressions matter. After clicking on your link, a user’s mind will be a blank slate. Their opinion of your website will start to form before they even see your landing page. A fast loading speed seems professional and clean – and that is the impression that they will start with before they start navigating your site.


People are used to fast loading speeds

Do you remember ten years ago, when you couldn’t use the internet when someone was on the phone? Well those days are long gone – the world is fast paced and you have to keep up. People don’t have all day to wait for your page to load – and more than a minute in the digital age can feel like a day. Not prioritising your loading speed will make you seem technologically behind. 


A fast loading speed creates a better user experience

UX is what it is all about. Your website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use – that’s the basics. But you can have the best layout, the newest features, and highest-quality media but none of this matters if your website is slow. A bad UX will lead to bad reviews and lack of traffic on your website


Faster loading speed, better conversion

Every millisecond that your website takes to load increases the chance of losing a user. As we previously mentioned, people are used to fast loading and a good user experience. You spend a lot of time, effort and money on your social media marketing just to drive traffic back to your website. Think about all the money wasted when those people are put off by a slow page. After working so hard to channel people to your page, why throw all those leads away? Keep the conversion rate high by making it easy for users to get where you want them to go.


Search engine ranking

A huge part of digital marketing is all about SEO. You probably spend a lot of time writing articles, creating content, and engaging with other users on your company’s social media. Do this makes your website rank better on search engines. What makes your SEO worse? Slow loading speed! A struggling landing page doesn’t just look bad for you – it makes the whole Google experience slower. Search engines hate being seen as slow, so they shove slow-loading pages all the way down to lower search pages – pretty much the Google graveyard. You need your site to be on the first Google page – a fast loading website is the way to do this. 

Hopefully it is clear now that a good loading speed could be the difference between life and death – well, for your company at least. 

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