Tips for setting up a TikTok Influencer Campaign

The key to driving a successful social media strategy is finding the right voice to connect with the consumer. This is why an influencer plays an essential role in amplifying your brand message in a more relatable manner to your target audience.

Influencer marketing is a mainstream form of digital marketing that enables influencers to collaborate with specific brands to create sponsored content to convey marketing messages on behalf of brands. In the digital world of social media, who the content comes from can make a difference in the outcome of your marketing strategy, and with the rise of TikTok, it also seems like where the content is published can also affect your social media marketing campaign.

TikTok is a popular social media platform that enables users to share short-form video content. With over 9 million active South African users and more than 1 billion global active users, the app provides ample opportunities for brands to make use of influencers to reach an increasingly diverse audience.

Here are some tips that contribute to a successful TikTok influencer campaign.


1: Allow the influencer to express their creativity and authenticity.

 Giving the influencer creative freedom means allowing the influencer to represent your brand in their own tone, leveraging on their unique creative strengths without restricting them to strict guidelines. When marketing on TikTok, it is pertinent to allow the influencer to deliver promotional videos in their best creative and authentic approach.

This is mainly because the younger demographic (16 – 24 years) that are most active on TikTok do not respond well to scripted marketing. Viewers relate and engage well with content that is delivered authentically, it affirms trust in the influencer and in the brand.

Creative freedom is executed either by allowing the influencer total creative control over the content they produce to promote your brand. Or by prescribing a specific message while allowing the influencer to present it in their unique style.

At DarkMatter, we believe both approaches can ensure that the influencer delivers relevant, unscripted content delivered in their own creative way. Here are some examples of the TikTok influencers we have worked with that executed this excellently: Liam Stoffberg, Big Bek Productions, and Lutseketv.


2: Choose TikTok influencers that align with your brand and your audience.

Choosing to collaborate with an influencer just because they have thousands or even millions of followers does not equate to a successful campaign outcome. It is crucial that the influencer’s brand aligns with your campaign objectives, along with the values of your brand. This allows you to choose influencers who are authentic to their brand, well associated within the same industry as your brand, and have a good sense of the message you aim to put out as a brand.

For example, at DarkMatter we have previously worked on an influencer campaign for a supplement brand that aims to promote holistic wellness. Therefore, we aimed at finding influencers that are in the health, fitness, and wellness industry to promote the supplement brand because their niche aligns with what the brand stands for.

Understanding the influencer’s niche gives you a clearer perspective on whether or not the influencer aligns with your brand. Influencer’s with a specific niche may have an audience with a greater interest in matters pertaining to that particular industry or topic. Assessing the influencer’s engagement plays an important role in determining whether viewers are interacting with the content that the influencer is producing or if the content is ignored, along with the extent of their “influence” and reach to a diverse audience.


3: Clearly define your campaign objectives – what do you want to achieve through a TikTok influencer campaign.

Understanding what you aim to achieve from setting up a TikTok marketing campaign is the fundamental aspect of your strategy. This allows you to set achievable goals for your campaign while further providing the influencer with a clearer direction and guideline.

Your campaign objective is what you seek to achieve after people have seen the advertisements that influencers have put out on your behalf. Do you need the viewers to download your app or go to your website? Buy the products you are selling? Or simply gain awareness about what your brand does?

According to TikTokForBusiness, there are three categories of objectives you can choose from in TikTok Ads Manager. The objectives include:

  • Awareness – Creating an interest in your brand by increasing the ad reach to the maximum number of people.
  • Consideration – This objective here is to get people thinking about your business, the products or services that you offer and leave people with more information about your business.
  • Conversion – This aims to drive people to complete a specific action such as downloading your app, making a specific purchase, or making use of a specific service on your website.

Setting up a TikTok influencer campaign is all about making the right choices for your business’ digital marketing needs. This includes making smart decisions about whom to collaborate with and how you will execute the campaign. This makes a big difference between a successful and an unsuccessful influencer campaign.

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