5 Social Media Tips to Boost your Social Profiles Today

Welcome to the age of the almighty socials, a time when it’s not a question of whether your brand needs to be on social networks but rather how to best utilize social media – it’s a necessity, not an option. It’s an opportunity to meet your audience where they are and build relationships with them beyond your product or service offering. It’s a way for you to show them that your organisation is forward-thinking and relevant.

Navigating the many different platforms is a whole ball game of its own. And that’s not to mention that social media isn’t just a personal sharing tool or just a business tool. Social media is a space for individuals to build their personal brand, for businesses to open up 2-way conversations with their audience, and a space to let your creativity run wild. Here are 5 tips and tricks to boost your social media profiles for every marketer, business owner or content creator to incorporate into their social media strategies.


1. Utilise the different social media platforms in different ways

Is your social strategy to create and share the same content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok? If so, you’re not recognising the fact that each platform caters to different demographics and is intended for different things. It’s like putting the same ad on a children’s magazine as you would on a fitness magazine. To sum it up:

People go on Facebook to Connect = Facebook is like a big reunion. 

People go on Twitter to start Conversations = Twitter is like the news.

People go on Instagram to be Inspired = Instagram is a curated version of your life.

People go on Pinterest to Find Ideas = Pinterest is your own personal moodboard.

People go on TikTok to be Entertained = TikTok is for the weird and wonderful, with quick bite-sized content pieces.


2. Track and analyse the data

The greatest benefit of social media is the greatest benefit of digital marketing in general – DATA. Social media platforms provide you with so much data and stats that there’s absolutely no reason to go blindly into it. Gone are the days of a company posting a couple of product images on Instagram and calling it a day. Once your content goes up, it’s the beginning of your analysis process. And even before putting out new content, you have access to follower demographics, location breakdown, and even what time most people are online. While it’s good to have access to this data, it’s even more important to be able to read and act on it. 


3. Talk to people, not at them

If you want to be successful on social media, you have to be social. Makes sense? See every single one of your followers and fans as the individuals they are. Individuals that have long tiring days at work just like you. Individuals that need social media to actually add value to their lives to warrant the time they take out of their day to spend on it. Open up conversations. You can do this in a lot of ways: 

  • Ask questions in your captions.
  • Utilise the different interactive stickers on stories. 
  • But most importantly give them a reason to like, comment, and engage. 


4. Improve your organic post visibility

It’s no secret that it often feels like the algorithms are against us. Getting good organic reach is really difficult on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with them often giving you very low reach in hopes that you’ll spend some moola to boost your post. While there really isn’t any way around this, other than posting quality content and hoping for the best, it may help to make use of all the different posting options and settings. Things like adding location geo-tags and hashtags are one way to boost organic traffic. Don’t be afraid to play around with hashtags. You have a limit of 30 hashtags on a single post on Instagram, although most people won’t use that many so as to not appear spammy. Perform A/B tests by breaking down your hashtags into groups and using between 10-15 on each post to see which hashtag groups get the best results. 


5. Stories are king

Whether you like it or not, stories are here to stay. With LinkedIn having introduced stories late last year, no corner of the internet can escape it. What are stories? Inspired by Snapchat, stories are a feature on different social networks that allow users to post content that disappears after 24 hours. While people traditionally tried to curate their feeds, the introduction of stories has allowed more impromptu content that didn’t need to form part of the “aesthetic”.

Some ideas of things you can post in stories include:

  • Unedited sneak peeks into your day
  • Behind the scenes of feed content
  • Announcements of new posts/blog posts
  • Promos for your products
  • Real-time Q&As
  • Fun and engaging way to connect authentically 
  • Short-form escapism content – quick to make and consume

These are just some of the ways you can take your social media to the next level. Remember, at the end of the day, social media is about putting yourself out there and producing quality

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