Biggest website trends for 2021

Here at DarkMatter we love websites – and we especially love websites with unique and creative designs. We also like to keep our finger on the pulse – to know what is new and worth paying attention to. So, going into 2021, what makes a good website? What is the best practice for designing your company page? Here are our top picks. 


Dynamic landing pages

First impressions are becoming more important, which makes the landing page the centre of web design. The goal is to keep users engaged as soon as they arrive, and a unique landing page is the best way to do it. There are lots of directions that you can go. Some companies stand out by using a more dynamic landing page. This involves design elements that move or change. A cool way to do this is by making your page interactive. Animation that responds to a user’s mouse movement is one idea. This shows the user that you have put time and care into the user experience. It also keeps them on your page for longer as they try out all of your page features. 


New colour trends 

Are you tired of boring white landing pages and serious fonts? Well you’re not alone. Our research suggests that colourful and creative web design is on the rise. It makes sense, right? More people are stuck at home, more people are looking through websites – users will want a bit of colour to brighten up their experience. One of the designs we’re seeing a lot is the ‘night light’ style. This is the ‘dark mode’ version of your web page, which is better for your eyes when you’re in low-light surroundings. When you let users choose between day and night will make your page more adaptable. Other eye-catching designs include minimalism, bold font, and gradient colours. 


Mobile-centered responsive web design

What is responsive web design? Well, more people are using the internet on their phones nowadays – so websites need to adapt. If your website is only designed for a 13” Macbook screen, it might look bad on other devices. Responsive web design, however, will let your designs change automatically to fit every screen. This is becoming a web design must-have. If a potential customer reaches your website on their mobile, it can’t be an unusable mess. Obviously this doesn’t sound like news to you – we’ve all been using responsive design for a while now. But our advice for 2021 is to go ‘mobile first’. This means designing your website primarily for mobile use, and then scaling it up for larger screens. This means simpler designs, less text, and larger buttons.


Of course, tapping into trends can be useful. But it’s also important to create your own style and stick to it. Your web design is a chance for you to create a strong brand image. If you spend enough time and have the right knowledge it will pay off in the end. Understand what you need for a good website – and get creative!

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