Digital transformation trends in 2021

Technological changes are always exciting, and the last year has had a big impact on the digital realm. Being stuck indoors meant that many people engaged more with technology. The demand for digital transformation was high, and it looks like that will continue in 2021. Here are some of the emerging trends for the year.


You must have heard the hype about 5G – there’s thousands of memes on it already. 5G is here, and it’s going to speed up how we work and how we play. With everything moving online and to the Cloud, poor old data networks can’t keep up anymore, and are going to have to make way for the faster and more stable 5G. This means that everything that happens online will happen even faster – and that people will expect faster results. More streaming and scrolling means a demand for more content, and a rush for companies to create it.

Virtual or hybrid workspaces

Many of us are working online – either fully or in part. Though most people seem to be getting used to this, the virtual work system isn’t perfect. 2021 will probably see online workspaces get more streamlined and integrated into the office. This means more zoom meetings, webinars and cloud-based services. Luckily the 5G data connections will be there to make this all easier. Companies will probably continue using a hybrid online-offline workspace, even after the virus becomes history. This means saving money on travel costs and permanent office spaces, which is great for companies and employees. 

Focus on CX and UX

For a long time, marketing was about showing off your product and creating consumer loyalty. Apparently this is becoming less and less the case. Young internet users are looking for experiences – which means a good user experience. This means creative progressive web apps, interactive design, and immersion. Customer or user experience should tap into new groundbreaking technologies, like virtual/augmented reality and to integrate these features into what they offer. Overall, marketing success in 2021 may come down to who can create the most engaging experience for their users.

ML and Smart Devices

Alexa is already fairly widespread, but did you know that you can have smart refrigerators too? Machine learning is reaching new heights, and many people are bringing more smart devices into their work and private lives. These gadgets improve output by studying how we use them. They usually work by connecting to a larger network – possibly shared with all the other smart devices. Algorithms then gather information and analyse it. This analysis is how they decide how to respond to future tasks. Soon, machine learning will likely become a key feature in almost every aspect of life. 

Who knows what the digital landscape will look like by the end of the year – or even by the end of this month? Things are speeding up and it can be hard to keep up with all the digital transformations. It’s important to stay up to date, though – you don’t want to miss out. What do you think are some of the key changes that 2021 will bring?

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