Improve webinar success with these tricks

It’s pretty clear why webinars are a big hit nowadays. With most things having moved online, it is not surprising that companies are trying to make the best of things. Webinars are an easy and cost-effective way to boost your brand’s image and connect with your target market.

Pick the right background

You want all eyes on you – not on your (super cool) Rolling Stones poster. We know you have a great taste in music, but does your webinar audience need to know it too? Remember that you need to put yourself somewhere that isn’t distracting. Pick a blank wall to sit in front of, and make sure that there is as little as possible in the shot. You also want to find a place that is quiet and away from noise. 

Make it interactive

Sprinkle some interactivity into your presentation. Interactivity is proven to help with memory retention, and keeps your audience alert. Asking them questions also gives them the chance to show what they know, which will validate them and leave them feeling positive about the experience. For some ideas on how to make a webinar more interactive, check out our article X.

Hammer out the kinks beforehand

Nothing says unprofessional like spending 10 minutes wrangling your tech. We know that it takes a while to get used to doing everything online, but audiences are still impatient. You should know where the relevant buttons are, and where you have saved your files. To prevent the embarrassing ‘um’s and ‘ah’s, go through your presentation several times before the event. Ask your colleagues to be the audience, and go through the webinar exactly the same as you will on the day. You’ll save time, and your webinar will look smooth and professional.

Keep it short, sweet, and simple

In our previous article about webinars, we discussed why it is important to keep your webinar length under an hour. In addition to this, you should also avoid making it too complicated. Too much text will distract from what you are saying, and too much information will be hard to absorb. Always keep in mind what your main goal and theme is, and stick to that. 

Save the best for last

Now here’s a trick that works almost every time: tell the audience to expect something at the end, but don’t tell them what it is. That way, their curiosity will keep them nailed to their (virtual) seats to find out what you’re hiding. You see this technique used in many Ted Talks, where the presenter tells you “now I’m going to tell you why I did this at the end” or “I’ll tell you later what I discovered”. It is crucial to keep the audience there until the end, because that is when you will be presenting your company/product. 


Do you feel ready to host your first webinar? Just remember this advice, and don’t be afraid to put your own twist on it. Remember, your webinar is a way for you to show off your brand.

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