Investing in Your Brand

A poor CI (Corporate Identity) can often cause more problems than it solves. Poor branding seeps into every part of the business, it messes with client interaction, it causes misalignment within employee ideals and can be problematic for merchandising and self-promotional work. Above all else, it just looks bad! First impressions count far more in a world where attention spans are at an all-time low. If your CI doesn’t immediately catch a potential consumer’s eye aesthetically, then you make double the work and pay double the cost in a marketing strategy to steal their attention away from a competitor’s intuitive well-thought-out CI and message.

So what does this have to do with your company? Well, for the longevity of your CI and businesses relevancy in the market place, we implore you to not skimp when it comes to investing in your own brand. Your logo will forever be at the fore of your company, it makes sense then to have that point as sharp as possible to part the tumultuous seas that can be the economic climate of today.

In order to have a solid foundation to build your brand upon here is our advice going forward. Make sure that you find a Graphic Designer who has both the skill to build a brand atop and the vision to see your creation come to life. Understand that no designer is a mind reader (however nice that would be) so be sure to communicate clearly and intently what you want the brand to be. As the client it is your responsibility to deliver a brief that succinctly explains what it is you want. Design is a process, so be sure to stick with it till both you and your designer are happy and the brief has been envisioned. Rather pay more in an hourly rate in the beginning, than a huge sum to overhaul the impatience of the past. Check that the correct message is conveyed through your logo and colours. Want to be more serious? Stick to more subtle colours and minimalist design. Want to be creative and fun? Pick colours that stand out and a logo that piques interest.

Insure that your logo and overall CI is trendy enough to be modern but not bound to a passing fad. The Internet has fast become a fickle way of life. Achieving something that is timeless is easier said than done, but there is a way of doing it and a way not to. We implore you as business owners to leave the memes for personal sharing and far away from your brands identity. Spend the whole budget on building a full and comprehensive Corporate Identity guide that clearly outlines the brand’s aesthetics to any future creative agency that works on it. Trust us, this strategy will cost a little more in the present but will definitely save you and your business tons in the future.

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