Top 5 tips to increase your Digital Marketing efforts

Everyone is going digital, and their business is too. If you’re worried about making your business stand out – well, you should be. Attention online is limited. You need a strong online marketing strategy if you want to compete. Here are some tips on how to do this.


Work on User Experience

A website or platform isn’t just there to show people which services you offer. Your website is a chance to craft a journey for users. Nowadays, it’s the user experience that matters the most when it comes to digital marketing. You need to think about function and aesthetics. Does your site load fast, do all your buttons work? Do you have the right colour scheme for your product/service? All of these factors will affect how a user thinks about your company. You can spend as much time on social media marketing as you want, but if it leads people to a poor user experience on your website, it’s a waste of time. To make sure that your digital marketing is at its best, you need to check that your UX is flawless. This also means making it easier to navigate between different platforms. 


Client Service

Digital marketing isn’t just about finding new clients – it’s about keeping the ones you already have. You want to show current customers that you care about their opinions and feedback. You also want to show them that you are always there to help. One way of doing this is by paying attention to what consumers comment on your pages – and responding when they do. Respond fast, and make sure that your responses add value. For example, if someone has a complaint about your service, apologise for their experience and ask them how you can improve. Not only will this show your clients that you listen, it also lets you know if you could do things better. Aside from responding to comments and reviews, you should also make it easy to ask questions. Having a questions form that users can fill in can work great. Another option is a help chat popup, where users can ask a bot questions and receive some automatic answers. 


Watch out for trends – but don’t rush to follow

Things on the internet change fast, and there are always trends popping up over time. Sometimes tapping into these trends can be useful – you might grab some attention and improve engagement. However, don’t make the mistake of investing too much into what is hot right now – it might have cooled down by next week. Users can also tell when a brand is trying too hard to be ‘with it’ (for example, when you use phrases like ‘with it’) and getting it wrong will make you look inauthentic. Double down on your own company values instead, and keep a consistent approach. Your brand image will look better in the long run. 

You know that your business idea is great – now you just have to show everyone else. With a well-designed social media strategy you can do this. But be prepared to put in the time and effort – and to maintain it over time.

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