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The whole experience people have when interacting with a product is referred to as user experience (UX). User-experience-focused products are simple to use and deliver a nice experience.

The user experience designer (UX researcher) is in charge of how a product or website feels. The UX designer‘s role is to pinpoint users’ underlying emotional and functional needs, then assist in putting those findings into action to produce a pleasant experience. So, how does that look on a daily basis?

The distinction between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is that UI refers to the aesthetic components through which people interact with a product, whereas UX refers to the user’s experience with the product or service. As a result, UI is concerned with visual interface elements like fonts, colors, menu bars, and so on, whereas UX is concerned with the user and their journey through the product.


Why UX Design Matters

When building or maintaining a website, the user experience is the most crucial factor to consider. User interactions are the ultimate metrics of how effective your website is, regardless of how much good information or features you have on it.

The goal of a UX design agency like DarkMatter is to make your website look amazing, organize material intuitively, and work smoothly.

Visitors will be able to discover the information they need and will be encouraged to engage with your brand further as a result of these components.


SEO is influenced by UX factors as well.

Features like mobile responsiveness and page speed, both crucial for a pleasant user experience, are prioritized by search engines.

Furthermore, bad UX frustrates visitors, leading to higher bounce rates and shorter time spent on-page.
These factors also have an impact on how well you rank on search engine results pages.

Good UX helps with digital marketing by making interaction with your website a pleasurable experience that consumers will want to repeat.


Form, Function, ROI

More than 70% of consumer journeys begin on the internet.

Much of this is accomplished through the use of search engines.

The architecture, design, and user experience of your website have an impact on:

75 percent of users decide whether or not they trust your brand within seconds of seeing your website.

Google's RankBrain algorithm looks at things like bounce rate, pages per session, and dwell time to figure out how easy it is for users to traverse your site.

Rates of conversion:

Clear calls-to-action, as well as other strategic user experience and web design features, have an impact on whether or not site visitors continue to engage with your company.

Bottom line: The UX design has an incalculable, if not deep, impact on your business's bottom line, from search ranks to missed opportunities.

A UX agency like DarkMatter will make sure you have the best UX strategy that will make your website work for you.


UX Design & Audit Services

Every aspect of your website's form and function is addressed by our team of skilled consultants and designers. Our UX design & audit services were created with you in mind, from building unique wireframes that optimize the end-user journey to creating graphical elements that put visual design to work for your organization.

Brand credibility

User engagement

Search visibility

Conversion rates

Website usability


Heat mapping, A/B testing, and other UX audit methodologies are used by DarkMatter's UX design professionals to ensure that your pages are fulfilling a clear and deliberate purpose in the user journey.

Consider your website's design as a user-behavior map.

Tell us what you want your visitors to do on your site, and we'll make sure they do it.

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is one of the largest market sectors globally, this industry represents companies that produce low-cost products that are continuously in high demand. At DarkMatter, our aim when working with brands that represent the FMCG sector is to deploy marketing strategies that ensures that the brand stands out, to continuously reaffirm trust in the brand and thus establish loyalty to the product.

Because we understand that although Fast Moving Consumer Goods are in high demand, it becomes a challenge to project the goods as unique and special in the minds of consumers due to the availability of many other brands of the categories of the products. At DarkMatter, we deploy solutions that make your brand come to life in an innovative and exciting way, consistently improving the brand’s identity and maintaining a trustworthy reputation to feed back into enabling your sales goals.

Industrial Industry

The companies within the industrial market play an increasingly vital role in growing our everyday economy. At DarkMatter we understand the significance of this role, we are also aware that the industrial sector is further characterised by extreme competitiveness and high uncertainty; hence why our aim when working with industrial brands is to establish and increase brand affinity and to draw up well thought-out strategies that align with the company’s strategy, to achieve their desired goals.

Additionally, to help industrial brands achieve a wider reach of clients, our marketing strategies meet this brief through strategic content to reach the right target market for the industrial sector.

Tech Industry

At DarkMatter, we are proud to play a part in accelerating the growth of businesses at the forefront of technological innovation; some of the clients we continue to work closely with in this sector include; IBM, Microsoft and HP to mention a few. However, we understand the challenges that come with translating and explaining the technology of the brand into simple solutions to the average individual.

Through our work we aim to improve your brand’s messaging, to help distinguish your message from the competition. Moreover, and most importantly we synthesize and translate the complex tech message to ensure it is conveyed clearly and consumers simply get the idea. Because of our experience, DarkMatter further understands the B2B intricacies tech companies face with regards to digital marketing, we have seen how B2B marketing campaigns can be outdated, run short and not achieve desired results. Therefore, we ensure that we develop clear B2B marketing strategies and ideas that bring fresh, new perspectives that are specifically geared towards creating consistent B2B Brand Equity and ultimately sales enablement.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry carries the vital role of providing health and wellness products. However, marketing these products is not done without challenges, this is because of inadequate brand awareness, complex regulations and increased competition within the sector.

DarkMatter recognises these critical marketing challenges faced in the pharmaceutical industry, we therefore focus on conceptualizing innovative brand solutions that are tailored to support specific pharmaceutical strategic objectives. Our brand solutions include Business to Consumer communication regarding over the counter goods; this strategy allows us to build your braind equity in the market, creating stronger top of mind awareness, while further providing greater understanding about the features and benefits offered by your product.

Our key team members have a deep understanding of pharmacology, this is essential in ensuring that the pharma products are experienced in an exciting and relatable way by the consumer.