What makes the perfect creative agency hire/employee

Looking to escape the corporate rat race and become a creative juggernaut. Well maybe have a good look in the mirror and think twice because most people aren’t ready for what they are going to experience in the “creative industry”.

  1. The hours are long and the over time pay is… well R0. Get ready to give up your social life during the weekday and potentially weekends because short deadlines come in and work needs to be done 99% of the time Yesterday!
  2. Get ready to kill your babies… your creative babies that is. Growing a thick skin and coming to the realization quickly that not all your ideas are gold is a key skill in this industry.
  3. You can’t be a specialist in just one area, you have to be able to wear multiple hats and juggle many tasks.
  4. Everything is evolving constantly in the digital age, if your finger isn’t on the pulse of what’s new and happening your role or function may by be relevant in the coming year or even months.
  5. No matter what position you are in – everything comes down to sales. You are selling yourself, your services and the business everyday. On boarding a new client could mean the difference between getting a promotion or having to be let loose.
  6. It’s highly competitive – every Tom, Dick and Harriet wants to enjoy the fruits of being an artist. So being average just won’t cut it – your portfolio is everything. If it’s worthless so are you.

In an industry with so many drawbacks it may seem a bit daunting at first whether or not it’s worth it. But we are here and loving every moment of it – being able to be yourself everyday surrounded by like-minded individuals is amazing. Seeing your work being used as content for brands, NGO’s and artists is truly rewarding.

So go out there knowing this is one of the hardest paths traveled but the sense of achievement is priceless.

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